Pratt Institute's School of Information - E-Portfolio 2018

Digitizing Man and Superman

Project Title: Digitizing Man and Superman

Project URL:

Project Description: This project was completed for Professor Emily Holmes LIS-666 Projects in Rare Books Digitization course in Spring 2017. The goal of the project was to take a rare book through the entire digitization process which includes selection, scanning, image processing, uploading to Internet Archive, and cataloging the final product as an e-book. The project also included describing the owning library, completing an original Selection for Digitization policy statement, documenting the full collation of the book, and creating a MARC record with online metadata from Internet Archive for the e-book.

Additional Documentation: Final Assignment. Collation Spreadsheet.

Methods: The scanning of the book was done on the Atiz BookDrive Pro scanning station. Since the JPEG images created by the camera were not true JPEGs, the images were converted in Adobe Bridge and then batch named to the correct file naming convention. After this method, the files were loaded into Adobe Photoshop for image processing. In Adobe Photoshop, every image was cropped, skewed, and marginally corrected for tonal issues. After all the images were processed, the image files were uploaded into Internet Archive as a single .zip file. Metadata such as description and subject tags were entered into the Internet metadata editor before the completed item was uploaded and made available in Internet Archive.

My Role: I am the sole creator of this work.

Learning Outcome Achieved: Technology

Rationale: Through this project, I honed my ability to use a variety of software and hardware technologies associated with digitization. First, I became proficient in troubleshooting problems with the calibration of the cameras in the Atiz BookDrive Pro scanning station. I developed competency in using advanced functions such as batch processing images and files and was able to troubleshoot problems with uploading incorrect files on the Internet Archive. This project allowed me to become comfortable with using the Internet Archive, which has potential applications in the LIS digital preservation field. This project also allowed me to become comfortable using processing software such as Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop which are commonly used in digitization projects in archival settings.


Additional Learning Outcome Achieved: LIS Practice

Rationale: Since this project was intended to produce an authentic derivative of a rare book, every step of the process from assessing the selected book and designing a care and handling policy, drew upon best practices from both Rare Books and Digitization areas of LIS. I followed professional guidelines for digitization and image processing, and gained a deep understanding of policy and management considerations for creating an e-book and the issues of copyright/permissions and digital preservation that may arise from it.