Pratt Institute's School of Information - E-Portfolio 2018
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The Victorian Book - LibGuide

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Project Title: The Victorian Book - LibGuide.

Project URL: (Also access the LibGuide as an archived PDF document).

Additional Documentation: Annotated Bibliography. User Group Description Assignment.

Project Description: This project was completed for Professor Emily Drabinski's LIS-652 Information Services & Resources course in Spring 2017. The goal of the project is to organize a set of information resources for a defined user community and develop an online LibGuide to make the resources available. The project also included an Annotated Bibliography which evaluated the resources used in the LibGuide using principles defined in the information services and resources area of the field.

Methods: I first selected a topic of interest to me, which was Victorian literature and the history of the book, and then I defined my user group. Since I wanted to focus on expert information users, I defined my user group as researchers, scholars, rare book sellers and bibliographers interested in many aspects of the nineteenth-century Victorian novel, including its historical and cultural contexts, publishing, and production. I conducted a broad literature review to find and understand historical and current issues and information related to my subject. I then created a LibGuide which was published.

My Role: I am the sole creator of this work.

Learning Outcome Achieved: User-Centered Focus

Rationale: This project fulfills the User-Centered Focus outcome because it demonstrates proficiency in locating and organizing authoritative scholarly and professional sources on Victorian literature and the history of the Victorian book. Through my research of the subject and also my own academic knowledge, I found that my user group required highly specialized access and knowledge beyond general information reference sources. Furthermore, my user group desires access to bibliographies, online bibliographical tools, and digital collections. The digital tools were specifically a needed resource because some users cannot physically go to a special collections to consult materials. In my LibGuide, I assembled highly authoritative sources such as the LUNA: Folger Bindings Image Collection, which is one of the most comprehensive online resources for studying and researching bindings of books.