Pratt Institute's School of Information - E-Portfolio 2018
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Deodoose Qualitative Data Analysis Software Video Tutorials

Project Title: Dedoose Qualitative Data Analysis Software Video Tutorials

Project URLs: and (The videos are also embedded on this page and can be viewed on the website).

Additional documentation: Instructional Web Sources Document

Project Description: This project consisted of producing two videos tutorials (one approximately 10 minute video and one approximately 15 minute video) for Professor Margaret Smith's LIS-628 Data Librarianship course in Fall 2017. The video tutorials should demonstrate a skill learned in the Data Librarianship course, such as being able to use software to analyze and manipulate data. The project also includes creating an Instructional Web Sources handout that will provide users additional help in selecting or using data software.

Methods: I first had to engage with the Dedoose software as a user. I created a free account on Dedoose and familiarized myself with the available features. I also downloaded examples of data and datasets from authoritative sources such as academic journals or the Pew Research Center. After I created a script and outline for narrating the videos, I produced the videos on the Screencast-O-Matic software and hosted them on Vimeo so anyone with internet can access. Vimeo is a popular video hosting website and allows for content to be shared publicly.

My Role: I am the sole creator of this project.

Learning Objective Achieved: Communication

Rationale: This project fulfills the Communication component because it reflects the delivery and presentation of visual content in a clear and professional manner. The videos that make up this project reflects my understanding of how to use a qualitative data analysis software and sharing my expert use of the software to a wide audience. The first video articulates a general understanding of the available features of the Dedoose software and the second video on coding/analyzing with the software is intended for more advance users. Since this project is expressly a video tutorial, the language used in the videos is instructive.


Additional Learning Objective Achieved: User-Centered Focus

Rationale: This project fulfills the User-Centered Focus objective because the video tutorials were produced with the concepts of universal design and visualizing content in mind. Both videos can be used to instruct a wide range of users, from the beginner user to the experienced user. Furthermore, Screencast-O-Matic is a great instructional tool for users who require visual aid in learning. This project also includes a second component, the Instructional Web Sources handout, which provides helpful resources in selecting and using data software.